【Company History】
In 1962, the founder of Deri Food, Mr. 郭清德, started his business in his hometown (Haikouwei, Haikou
    Village, Zhunan Township) by making pancake cookies.
The business was established in 1966 at No.68, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhunan Township as the “德和興餅行” and
    specialized in baking breads, cakes, and cookies. He upholds the spirit of hard working, honest business,
    and painstaking research in pastry arts.
In 1976, Sachima was launched, and due to the unique flavor and taste, market demand for Sachima has
    soon grown.
In 1983, investment of Deri Food Co., Ltd. in industrial park for professional Sachima making.
In 1998, as to keep up with the market demand, production line of crispy cookies was added.
In 2001, rice based cookies production line was also added.
In 2002, the company underwent the organization change as the Deri Food Co., Ltd.
In 2003, production line for crackers was further added.
In 2010, Zhunan Industrial Park and new factory plants were purchased.

【Good Goods】
holding the spirit of good quality, original flavor persisted, unique taste, without adding preservatives and artificial colors, selected ingredients, carefully manufactured, delicious, and suitable for all ages. Seek to develop, research, and improve to keep improving quality, taste, and flavor. A well reputation is earned. However, Deri Food strikes for better, automated equipment are purchased regardless of cost decisively in order to move towards automation in principle.

Deri Food’s soft Sachima is carefully made of selected eggs, malt, and graded flour, milk powder, vegetable oil, and sugar rich. It is a low-sugar biscuit with rich protein and fiber. Egg and milk favor with tender texture make it the unique desert. Not only providing kids, adults, and elderly rich nutrients, but also it has become the healthy breakfast alternative for busy housewives or career women to prepare for family. Whether hiking, camping, picnic, or at home, Sachima is your best choice of fine desert.

New productions are added to make crispy cookies, rice based cookies, and crackers. Based upon the spirit of making Sachima, we well-research and innovate new flavors with flaky, crisp, and good taste.

【Company Overview】
Deri Food Co., Ltd. is a realistic food manufacturing company that specializes in manufacturing Sachima and which accounts for 70% of Taiwan market share and to be the top food brand in Taiwan. For the mutual win-win profit, immediate order to Deri Food is your wise choice. Take the opportunity and you will be leading in your market. Join us now.